October 15, 2013

OYSTERSThe week played out just right, by Saturday the sun came out and the temperature warmed. Blanc B oysters from the Hama Hama Oyster Co. were enjoyed outside where Renee, Dan, Cody, Alex, Ashley, and Jeremy worked together with Marie to feed our group of 90+

The meal incorporated Skagit Valley produce from: Harmony Fields (herbs), Hayton Farm (potatoes, berries), Hedlin Farm (peppers, tomatoes, carrots, onions), Island Grown Farmers Coop (beef) , Montague Farm (pork), Ralph’s Greenhouse (fennel), and Gothberg Farm (chevre). We had other delights; breads (Bread Farm Bakery), honey (Ballard Honey), flowers (Dona Flora and Choice Bulb Co.), Plum Tatin (prepared by Cathy Conner with Bitters Col. plums), and music (performed by The Dovetails). Wines well selected and poured by John and Kristen from Slough Foods of Edison.

We cannot thank all who attended enough, nor can we express our gratitude to “the boat, the walrus, and the whale” and the Skagit Valley farmers for making the evening the success that is was.

We now look forward to the bounty of 2014’s harvest.

Katie and Amy

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