Cat in Morocco

Cat in Morocco

Cat Walton worked with us at Bitters Co, for a couple of years and then ventured off to sail.Now she and her husband have opened there own store/gallery in Pemaquid, Maine, The Good Supply, . We are proud of her,  the joy and hard work she puts into supporting the arts and those who make it. Any and all heading or living in Maine, Pemaquid is a beautiful place, now even better.

Katherine and Alex, both master weavers took the challenge.

Katherine and Alex, both master weavers, took the challenge.

For many years we have carried these wonderful strips of rubber which we found in a market in Baguio, Philippines. There they are used for sling shots, here… holding on veneer for a banjo, exercise, gardening. In the Skagit Valley we have had the privilege to meet some amazing artisans – Alex and Katherine among them (see for Katherine’s willow baskets). We put the challenge to them. Here they are shown with the results.

Katherine said her’s was a bear, Alex said using jute made the rubber easier to handle. Anyone else up for the challenge come get some strips.

The evening of celebration for our 19TH Anniversary was well attended, we thank you all for your years of support and patronage.


For those who were not able to attend, Amy’s series of collage, “Branches”,  will remain in the store throughout December.

Come in for some hot cider – extended holiday hours – open 7 days of the week, 11-6 and beyond, through Dec. 24th. Closed Christmas day.