Saturday in the Skagit Valley

September 19, 2011

We spent the day touring our own back yard, a vast backyard full of exciting entrepreneurs, growers, artists…

First we came upon the new location for Gail Harker’s Creative Studies Center – located on Chilberg Road on the way into La Conner. Gail specializes in the art of stitchery. GAILCREATIVESTUDIES.COM

From there we drove to the corner of Route 20 and Higgin’s Airport Rd.. to visit the produce stand of Viva Farm. VIVAFARM.ORG. Viva Farms is a joint venture of WSU Extension &, an international non-profit dedicated to recruiting, training and capitalizing the next generation of sustainable farmers. This is a magnificent program helping to maintain farming as a way of life  as well as the preservation of farmland.

Viva Farm's produce stand

From this corner we ventured to the new brewery in the area, North Sound Brewing Co. Delicious IPA, Red Ale as well as many others. Located on the angle road that heads northwest out of Mt. Vernon to Rte. 20 en route to Anacortes and the ferries. Pick up a growler to enjoy at home. NORTHSOUNDBREWING.COM

Next we visited Dunbar Gardens – the elegant and plentiful bounty of Steve Lospalluto’s efforts, exquisitely presented in the willow baskets created by his wife Katheirne Lewis. DUNBARGARDENS.COM. Their farm stand located outside Mt. Vernon is open 9-6, Fri. – Sun. The baskets can be ordered on line.

Dunbar Garden farm stand

Amy, Steve and the Bitters Co. bus.


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