Wendy and Randy know the perfect use for our Flip Flop Doormat

The Gardener

Maison d'Etre

Atomic Garden

Global Exchange

We are proud to have these stores selling Bitters Co. wares – The GardenerMaison d’etre, Atomic Garden, and Berkeley Global Exchange.

Booth completed.

Setting up the booth.

We had a wonderful week in the Bay Area. Two days of set up, purchasing flowers at The Meadows on College Ave. and wine for our Cube Wine Holder at Vino. Our plants for the Cork Planters all came from Grand Lake Ace Hardware Nursery. We ate our dinners mostly in the East Bay; Olivetos, Seasalt, Doña Tomás, Chez Panisse (celebrating their 40th year), and one meal close to the show, Restaurant LuLu.. A Bay Area summer, cool and misty.

Vanagon Mobile Booth

Captain Masono

Napping on a Flip Flop Rug

A heavy mist brought out the crowds for our 4th year at Shipwreck Day in Anacortes.

Shipwreck Day is an annual event in Anacortes, where many vendors come to sell their “shipwrecked” wares, from nautical to widget. We sell off our seconds.

It is a fun weekend paired with the Independent Music Festival – What the Heck Fest.