Bitters Co. was proud to host its 3rd annual Harvest Dinner held on Saturday, October 4th, 2010, alongside Skagit Valley friends, farmers and culinary artists.  We had a full house of over 60 guests and 12 local farmers at our studio in Mt. Vernon.  It was a wonderful time full of great company and excellent eats catered by Maggie and Nicole Holbert, the talented sisters of Adrift restaurant in Anacortes .  The evening’s wine hailed from Edison’s Slough Foods, the food and flowers sourced by the farmers in attendance.  As the afternoon sun drifted into the evening, we sat fireside with a refreshing autumnal chill in the air.

Featured farmer’s fare: Gothberg Farm goat cheeses, Jelly Mold flowers, Hedlin’s cauliflower, Taylor’s oysters, Maggie’s pig butchered by Skagit’s USDA approved mobile butcher , Hayton’s berries & potatoes, Jan & Ritva’s flowers…

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Hosts Katie and Amy Carson with Chefs Nicole and Maggie Holbert of Adrift restaurant in Anacortes, WA.