Distinct cook ware from central Portugal, this unglazed black pottery is ideal for oven and gas flame stove top use, 100% lead free. Traditionally used to cook meat, fowl, beans and vegetables.

Use and care: Before first use pour boiling water into the pot for a few minutes soak. This increases the moistness of the dish to be prepared. Best to use wood or plastic utensils while cooking and non-abrasive scrubbers for cleaning. Hand wash for best results.

M. Scibilia’s Fig Dish

“Use ripe but firm figs, snip off the stems if you would like.  I like little the tendril things reaching up. Use any variety of table grapes (I suspect most people would prefer seedless. A couple of garlic cloves coarsely chopped.   Oil the baking dish with extra virgin olive oil (e.v.o.o.). Arrange  the figs upright to fill the vessel. Fill the spaces between them with the grapes and garlic. Drizzle with e.v.o.o., medium cracked pepper or grains de paradise, ground sea salt and some bashed up fennel seeds  scattered all over.  Swish over with couple of dashes of a thick balsamic (not a tradizionale). Bake until syrupy and a little wrinkly.

This is a tasty side dish for some nice fatty pork thing or poultry.  Originally envisioned for duck but thought it up for Cornish hens wrapped in pancetta and a fig leaf.”

A combination of beauty and practicality, this wonderfully shaped baking dish is ideal to serve directly from at the table.